meet the company



Name: Abbey Schubert

School/Year: Medill 2018

About: I’m from Sheboygan, WI – a tiny city about an hour north of Milwaukee. I started dancing when I was three and I’ve been going ever since, taking classes in mostly jazz, modern and hip-hop. I was the captain of my high school dance team and I was also on a hip-hop crew at a local studio. I became completely obsessed with hip-hop after going to the Monsters of Hip Hop convention last year in Chicago, and I’ve put all my focus on it ever since. I’m SO excited to be a part of Fusion and to get to dance with such amazing people!

Quotes: “Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible for only a moment.”

1947825_10154055777920481_2941932008156443519_nName: Alexandra (Walla Walla) Wilson

School/Year: Medill 2015

About: Alexandra has been dancing for 16 years and traveled to Las Vegas, New York, and Austria with her competitive dance company. She started dancing hip-hop when she joined Fusion her freshman year. dance styles: contemporary

Favorite artist: Bon Iver

Favorite quote: Great minds are very near to madness – James Joyce

bruceName: Andrew Lee

School/Year: WCAS 2016

About: From Seattle, WA, Andrew has always loved dancing but was introduced to formal hip hop dance and choreography during his freshman year at Northwestern and immediately fell in love. After spending countless hours watching hip hop choreography on YouTube, Andrew spent the following summer training at a local hip hop studio and building his relationship with dance. While still very new to the world of choreography, he hopes to always learn and grow as a dancer.

Favorite artists: Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Gowe

Favorite choreographer: Brian Puspos

favorite quote: “As silly as it sounds, dance is a best friend of mine. It goes through everything with me.”

Name: Anja Spruston

School/Year: WCAS 2015

About: I started dancing hip-hop at the beginning of sixth grade and fell in love. I was a member of the Urban Beat Elite Dance Company during high school and also co-ran a dance team at my high school called Variations. My senior year of high school, I co-taught a hip-hop class at Dance Center Evanston as part of a Senior Studies project focused around dance and photography. I am thrilled to be a part of Fusion Dance Company at Northwestern!

Favorite song: Retrograde by James Blake

Favorite quote: “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.”


Name: Cassie Cancela

School/Year: WCAS 2018

About: Cassie is from Miami, Florida and cannot remember a time where she did not find refuge in the dance community. She has been dancing since she was a toddler and, although breaking her ankle in fifth grade marked the end of her involvement in competition, she continued to dance in her school’s dance program. She has absolutely no idea what she is doing with her life and is also very bad at picking favorites, but is extremely excited to be a part of the Fusion fam.

Favorite Choreographer: Any choreographer that makes Beyonce look like Beyonce.

Favorite Quote: “The ape is too distant to be sedulous.” – Virginia Woolf

Name: Camaria Lehman

School/Year: McCormick 2015

About: Camaria comes to Fusion from Harmony, PA. (Yes, it is as cute as it sounds.) She has been dancing for almost 18 years training mainly in ballet, tap, and jazz at different studios around Pittsburgh. She spent many years on the competitive circuit and performing in theater productions. After finding dance in the non-profit sector, she started focusing more on teaching and choreographing, relying heavily on her belief that dance is a moving story.  She couldn’t be more thankful to find herself in the Fusion family.

Favorite song: Anything by Beyonce.

Favorite quote(s): I couldn’t pick one!

“Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance.” -Oprah

“Great dancers are great because of their passion.” -Martha Graham


Name: Caroline Spikner

School/Year: School of Communications 2018

About: Caroline grew up a Michigander but is now proud to call herself one of six(ish) NU-Utahns! If it were socially and/or nutritionally acceptable, Caroline could easily live on sweet potatoes and cherry pie.

Favorite Artist: Jason Mraz

Favorite Choreographers: Keone and Mari

16714_889992564354583_4925415663139875337_nName: Claire Kissinger

School/Year: WCAS 2016

Major: Art History

About: I’m so happy to have found the Fusion Fam! I have been dancing, choreographing, and performing since age nine. My mom opened her own dance studio, Intuit Dance, in 2004 and I have been taking and teaching classes there ever since. In high school I participated in Intuit’s company as well as Orchesis, my high school’s dance company.  I’ve also participated in several student-produced shows including the Fusion performances.

Favorite song: Blackberry Stone- Laura Marling

Fun fact: I have three beautiful nieces who I’ll be hanging with all summer.


Name: Grant Hou

School/Year: Weinberg 2018

About: Grant hails form Wellesley, MA. He started teaching himself how to dance in when he was 13 after watching “America’s Best Dance Crew” on MTV.

Favorite Choreographer: Keone and Mari Madrid

Favorite Quote: “It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you” – Batman

Name: Iris Hsu

School/Year: School of Communications 2017

About: Iris comes from the exotic country of Taiwan though she did go to an international school all her life, so yes she is fluent in english She has mainly a ballet background with a little splash of modern and jazz. Now she has decided to venture into the mystifying realm of hip-hop and is super excited to have the opportunity to dance with such an amazing group of people. She has what some would call an unhealthy addiction to marshmallows and enjoys eating a little too much.

Favorite song: anything by avicii

Name: Jared Sprowls

School/Year: Comm/2016

About: Jared is from Chevy Chase, Maryland, which is right outside of Washington DC (or right next to Bethesda since apparently everyone at Northwestern knows about Bethesda). He started dancing and choreographing hip-hop routines his freshman year of high school for his school’s dance company. He enjoys all types of dance, but hip-hop will always hold a special place in his heart.

Favorite song: Upgrade U by Beyonce

Name: Jenna Stoehr

School/Year: WCAS 2015

About: Jenna is from the north ‘burbs of Chicago and still doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up. She loves cheese, vampires, gummy candy and electronic dance music. She danced sporadically in high school, but was involved in other random things like swimming and theatre. Fusion is the first dance company she’s ever been a part of, and she love love loves her fusion family.

Favorite song: There are so many…but right now, Spectrum – Zedd

Favorite quote: “I think everyone should love life above everything in this world” – Alexey Fyodorovich (in Brothers Karamazov. take russian lit!)


Name: Kitty Liu

School/Year: WCAS 2018

About: Kitty is from the Bay Area, California and is excited to be a part of the Fusion Family. She’s been dancing for most of her life and was exposed to new styles when she joined her high school dance team. Trained mainly in ballet, contemporary, and jazz, she hasn’t had much experience with hip-hop, but can’t wait to discover that side of her! Aside from dance, Kitty’s obsessed with the color pink, France, and fuzzy blankets.

Favorite Quote: “Be a part of all that is decent and be an ambassador for the kind of world you want to live in.” – Julie Andrews

10350416_10203623720728224_1989625568181859890_nName: Kristi Michels

School/Year: WCAS ’16

About: I started dancing at my studio when I was 3 and have continued dance ever since.  I was also captain of my high school dance team.  Although dance was my main hobby, I loved every single other sport and did gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, skiing, sailing, swimming, softball, track, and figure skating at different points in my life.  I also play the piano and guitar.  I can’t cook, but I want to.  I can crack pretty much any part of my body. I’m obsessed with musicals and secretly dream of playing Christine Daae in The Phantom of the Opera or Sandy in Grease….but I can’t really sing, although I did show choir in 8th grade and was in 2 of my high school’s musicals.

Favorite song: Tie between “Time of my Life” from Dirty Dancing, “Midnight City” by M83, and of course, “Latch” by disclosure

Name: Lucero Diaz

School/Year: WCAS 2014

About:  Lucy is originally from Chicago, IL. She started the beautiful world of ballet at the age of seven and since then learned other dances, such as Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, and various Latin dances, like Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, etc. Lucy also enjoys the occasioanal singing in the shower, eating, and watching movies. I love my Fusion Fam and am sad I didn’t join sooner!!!

Random fact:  I hate chocolate, peanut butter, nutella, and much more.

**Note from the editor: ……what. ^

Name: Michaela Kastelman

School/Year: WCAS 2017

About: Michaela is from the San Francisco Bay Area (aka yay area) and has been dancing since she was in 2nd grade.  While she has mainly trained in Jazz and Modern, Michaela enjoys all types of dance (including tap, musical theatre, swing, and of course, hip hop) and is looking forward to learning how to increase her swag while in Fusion. When she’s not dancing or choreographing, you can usually find Michaela eating cereal/Mexican food, creating original corny jokes, or watching scary movies and Suits. Michaela is so excited to be a part of Fusion and to have the opportunity to dance alongside such talented and awesome people!

Favorite song: September by Earth, Wind, and Fire

Name: Mike Lee

School/Year: WCAS 2015

About: (insert cool things here)

Favorite song: (this week) Pyramid – Charice ft. Iyaz


Name: Mimi Khawsam-ang

School/Year: WCAS 2018

About: From Bangkok, Thailand. Love traveling and stalking pretty instagrams. Been dancing for about 7 years, main styles are contemporary and jazz.

Favorite Choreographers: Brian Friedman, Jiri Kylian, Bobby Newberry, Edouard Lock

Name:  Nick Leighton

School/Year:  WCAS 2016

About:  Nick is from Laguna Beach, CA and then moved to EVANSTON, IL – where apparently it’s not always 68 degrees… I grew up doing tap and then stopped after seven years.  Then freshman year of high school, I had to quit my cross-country team, but I needed something else to fulfill my fitness requirements so I was coerced into enrolling in dance.  And so the rest is history! Today, he loves being a part of Fusion and a part of Fusion exec.  He is majoring in Spanish, but for some reason he’s premed too?  As apparent from this bio, he aspires to be a dancing doctor, who speaks in Spanish.

Favorite song:  “Wake Me Up” by Avicii

Random fact: I work as a cowboy in Durango, Colorado every summer.  So add a lasso and a horse to the image of a Spanish-speaking, dancing doctor.


Name: Sam Riese

School/Year: School of Communication 2018

About: Sam hails from beautiful Long Island, New York and will straight up punch you in the face if you tell him he’s not a real New Yorker! He started with hip-hop when he was 8 years old because his mom put him there… His hobbies include searching for gold at the end of the rainbow, wiggling his toes, and attempting to figure out just how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. His lifelong dream is to one day finally have Moves Like Jagger. BUT HE IS SO EXCITED TO BE IN FUSION AND LOVES HIS NEW FAMILY!

Favorite Quote: “If it is to be, it’s up to me” –Don’t know who said it but my Dad always motivates me with this!

Name: Sombreuil (Somi) Hubbard

School/Year: School of Communication 2016

About:  Somi is from the beautiful Palos Verdes, California — so naturally she reps her SoCal pride everywhere she goes.  At Northwestern she majors in Communication Studies with the Integrated Marketing Certificate.  She has been dancing all her life, starting with ballet and then going through all dance genres 10 year old girls do (aka. tap, jazz, hip-hop.)  In high school she was captain of her dance team, doing modern, lyrical, and hip-hop, while experimenting with alternative styles like Bollywood, Tahitian, and African.  Fusion is her new fam, and she is so happy she gets to roll with such a talented, good looking crew.

Favorite song: That one that is really fun to dance to.

Random fact:  Her pinky toes don’t touch the floor.  She walks, runs, dances on four toes.  It is quite the feat.

Name: Sunny Song

School/Year: WCAS 2016

About: Sunny’s from Syosset, NY, on Long Island. She starting dancing towards the end of middle school. She got into hip hop and learned hip hop choreos from Youtube. The first choreography she learned from a video (by herself… in her room… with a tiny vanity mirror… by looping the video… – sounds sketch, whatever) was Erik Saradpon’s ‘Girlicious.’ Other than dancing, she likes watching youtube videos of dancing, drawing, organizing things, napping or oversleeping, not sleeping at all, trolling people and looking at all things koala.

A word of caution: May look small, innocent and harmless but may surprise you at times.

Favorite song: Meh.

Favorite quote: Meh.

Name: Vivian Prieto

School/Year: School of Communications 2016

About: Vivian hails from south jersey, specifically, Mullica Hill, NJ. You probably havent heard of it. It’s near Philly. She loves dance and has been dancing since age 3. Mostly ballet but a lot of modern, lyrical, hip hop, and tap too, all at Tricia Sloan Dance Center. She’s a freshman theatre major. She’s a little too obsessed with fusion

Favorite song: Right now.. Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding…. long term, probably I Will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab for Cutie